Location: Bologna, Italy
Length: 5-6 Weeks
Website: AgapeItalia.org

Typically, Italy is not thought of as a place to go for missions. As part of Western Europe, there are churches on every street corner and the official religion of the government is Catholicism. However, the reality is that less than 1% of the people in Italy have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Students there are not hostile to the message of the Gospel, but rather they are apathetic. This indifference is often times more dangerous, making evangelism in Italy a difficult task.

LSU began a partnership with Cru in Bologna ten years ago. This means that there are students on year long mission trips, as well as Cru staff that labor throughout the year in Bologna. Then, during the summer, students from LSU go to Bologna for 5-6 weeks and serve the long term staff by building contacts on campus. This particular set up allows for long term relationships to be built with students, and helps cultivate a community which will in the long run raise up Italians willing to lead the movement in their own country.

Summer Mission in Italy is an experience like none other. Cru Staff lead the team and are there to direct the time on campus and pour into the students on project. The majority of time in Bologna is spent on campus talking with Italians, but students also get to immerse themselves in the rich Italian culture, see historical sites, and eat yummy Italian food! It is an incredible way to spend your summer growing in your faith and trusting the Lord to move in huge ways!